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1) A Corporate Member may be a corporation or a company duly registered in Malaysia possessing the desire to promote the interest of the Society.

2) A Corporate Member may designate three (3) persons as its representatives who each shall have the status of an Ordinary Member.

RM300 / year

Life Member

A life member shall make a one-time payment of membership fee (RM200) and shall enjoy the privileges of an Ordinary member

RM200 / lifetime


A Fellow Member is limited to candidates of more than 40 years of age who have 10 years relevant experience who has make significant contribution to NDT technology.

RM150 / year


Any person possessing good moral character and who is engaged in or interested in furthering the purpose of the society is eligible for admission as Ordinary Member.

RM30 / year


1) A Student member shall be a person who interested in the purposes of the Society, and is currently enrolled in any school, college or university.

2) Student Membership shall not extend for more than one (1) year after graduation or full attendance at the institution. Conversion of a Student Membership to Ordinary Membership shall be possible by satisfying requirements for Ordinary Membership.

RM10 / year

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